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The power of local search in reaching specific target markets is both amazing and threatening news for business owners. And, we doubt anyone knows how to affordably optimize local search better than 72 Hours Web.

72 Hours Web is a team of SEO professionals (local listing experts) who understands both the power and uniqueness of local search. More and more people (your potential clients included) rely on search engines and local listings (count in mobile applications) to find providers and places. For example, “restaurant in Hacienda Heights” or “plumber in Brooklyn NYC” or even “laundromat in Irvine” and maybe “hotels in Los Angeles”...the list goes on!

72 Hours Web works to come up with a local search optimization strategy that is specific to your business needs. We are NOT robots. 72Hours Web is a team of professionals working towards a common goal: exposing your business in the local scene to drive foot traffic to your store/location.

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